Strange stuff

We have some strange stuff in our cage.  Well, not peculiar, although it is a little, but unusual.  No, not our normal stuff at all.  It’s much softer, bigger pieces and very white.  I didn’t want to step on it at first and walked on the megazorb as much as possible to avoid disturbing it.  Vic just walked through it as usual though and said it was very nice.  I did tread on it a little when Mummy gave us our breakfast, but I tried not to mess it up until Vic insisted it was his turn in the snuggle-tunnel and I had to go and sit in my grassy hutch, which was on top of the strange stuff.

Eco-horse paper bedding from enviro-pod ltd

Mummy says it is called ‘Eco-horse bedding’ and its made out of soft paper.  She’s just got these two patches (one for us and one for Hec & Humphrey) to see how it performs, whether it’s comfy, holds our pee and is easy to clean up our poo with.  She’s put it in our favourite places to sit and do what comes naturally, under our fiddlesticks and under my grassy hutch.  Well, Humphrey’s is under his grassy hutch to test because he pushes all the megazorb aside when he curls up.  It’s because  his long hair sort of sweeps it aside.  And gets stuck in his hair as well.

So Mummy will have a better idea tomorrow as to whether to replace all our megazorb with it.  I’ll give it a go and tell you what I think.

4 thoughts on “Strange stuff

  1. Fred

    I dond’t know, Auntie Dawn. She didnt say. She picked up the bit of mess we’d left under the fiddlesticks overnight, it seemed easy for her to use. She pushed what was left into a smaller pile so that we still have a patch of it to experiment with. Apparently H&H didnt wee on theirs at all. Perhaps they were suspicious. Humphrey made a nest in it as usual. I think it’s just the way his hair works.


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