Vic and the Beanstalk

Well, it could be any of us and the beanstalk really.  We’ve been having either beans or a bean leaf with our breakfast for some time now.  They come in fresh from the garden and although they are very nice I’m beginning to get fed up with beans.  Mummy says they’ll run out soon then there won’t be any more till next summer which is a long time ahead. So we should enjoy them while we can.

Today though, when Mummy came in with our breakfast leaves there was a bit of fresh beetroot, a few salad leaves and a huge pile of beanstalk!  I was a bit overwhelmed, I can tell you.  We haven’t had beetroot for ages so that was nice, and fresh salad leaves are always scrummy, especially this mix of pea shoots and young leaves like radish and kale and things.  I sort of burrowed through the beanstalk to get to them, which was good as Vic was pretty well stuck on the outside trying to fight his way in through a big tangle of leaves.  He made it though, and lived to tell the tale.  He also found some parsley and I found a cucumber leaf, so we swapped eventually when we’d each had some of the leaf we’d first found, if you see what I mean.

And then we went and had a snooze and came back for seconds of the beanstalk around lunchtime.

One thought on “Vic and the Beanstalk

  1. Auntie Dawn

    OMG, Fred! I had a premonition that there would be a blog post today, and that it would feature Victor. I must be attuned to your Thoughts somehow.

    Love the photos. Victor is working up the nerve to face the challenge, and you are munching diligently while throwing Mummy a pretty significant Fredlook.

    Glad you boys enjoyed your treats!!



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