Hector kept coming up to the bars in the night and asking me what the noises were. It was just the wind blowing, I told him, although I must admit it was very funny wind as it was very short hard gusts. Mummy said it was windy before she went to bed though. I slept quite well in spite of it, except for Hector’s interruptions. Victor slept through it all of course. I think Humphrey did too.

We’re not going out today, we’re up in our run instead.

3 thoughts on “Windy!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww. I hope Hec wasn’t too scared. I’ll bet he was reassured by your calm, big-brotherly presence, Cutiebump. ❤

    Victor is like Saku: WWIII wouldn't wake him (unless it somehow involved treats).


  2. Fred

    Well, I wish he’d show a bit more action and a bit less peeing on our fleeces Auntie Dawn. I’m getting quite fed up with him today. I wish George would come back. I miss him.


  3. Auntie Dawn

    I know you do, Sweetie. I know. I wish I could bring him back for you. I wish I could bring back Hugo and Mariusz. 😥

    We’ll get through it … together.

    Love you, F.


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