Winter draws on?

We’re upstairs in the run today, Victor and me.  The run has been transformed into its winter colours.  The newspaper is still there underneath, but now the fleeces are covering the floor and it’s all cosy underfoot.

It’s a bit surprising really, since it’s warm and sunny and I thought we might be going outside for some grass.  But Mummy says it rained too much in the night (it did, we heard it on the roof) and it’s too windy (well, there are lots of wind noises around and I suppose Mummy knows best on these things.  I think we’d be ok but maybe our things would blow away in the garden).  I wonder if, now the fleeces have come up here, they won’t be going down to cover our cages when we’re out in the garden in the sunshine.  Is fresh grass over for the year?  Is it winter already?  I noticed that it gets dark much earlier in the evening and light much later in the morning.

Mummy had to trim my front teeth yesterday.  She’s never done that before.  She got George’s special snippers out and trimmed my left front upper tooth as I’d managed to make them all slanty.  She left a little knobble on the right one but I’ve worn that straight overnight and she was pleased with me when she checked them this morning.  I don’t know why I wore them crooked though and neither does she.  I hope I don’t do it again, I don’t like having my teeth messed with and I told Mummy so.  She forgave me though.

She keeps telling me off for telling Victor I’m in charge here though.  I’m a bit confused because he smells rather like George did when he was ill one time.  I hope he’s not ill.

2 thoughts on “Winter draws on?

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Oh, I do hope that Victor is ok!

    Now now, F. It’s a bit rude to go boasting about how you’re in charge, and it’s not like you to be rude. And Victor’s been with you and Mummy long enough to have earned status as your peer rather than as your junior.

    That Mummy of yours is certainly prepared. Here I am, holding on the remnants of summer, and she’s putting your winter fleece out. Lol.

    It’s not winter yet, F. Technically, it’s not even fall. I think you’ve got some more weeks on the grass, but as I’m not familiar with the Norfolk climate I can’t say for sure.

    The tooth thing was a bit of surprise. I think Mummy would be very pleased if you didn’t do that again.

    Love you, F. Be well.


  2. Fred

    I’m sorry, Auntie Dawn. It was very confusing yesterday because Victor smelled like George and he made me feel like he was an imposter. So I had to keep checking him out and make sure that everything was shipshape. Mummy apologised to me and told me he had the nappy rash cream on because of his sore bottom. George used to have it on his neck when his abscess was draining. She showed me the tube and I agreed that it was that smell.
    Mummy says we might go out later if the ground warms up. It’s not as windy as yesterday. But we don’t need the fleeces over the runs now. So we can walk on them up here instead. They are nice and soft and its easier for mummy to clean the run too.


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