Hector is learning

I regularly stop and chat to young Hector when we’re out in the garden.  I’m afraid dear Hugo led him astray a bit, teaching him very cheeky ways when he didn’t understand the difference between cheeky and rude.  I’ve gradually been edging him in the right direction though.

He came back from his morning cuddle with Mummy the other day and I heard him telling Humphrey how good he’d been.  “That’ll be the day” I thought to myself, but no, when I went and chatted to Mummy she told me he’d sat still on her lap, looking beautiful and sleek and attentive.  He hadn’t tried to bite her and seemed to enjoy his cuddle.  He even sat still for three minutes!  What a surprise!

And since then he’s been beautifully behaved each morning.  He almost let her scratch his head in the cage yesterday too!  Mind you, Victor sits down and enjoys a good stroking in the cage which he learned from Hugo.  I’ve tried it, but it doesn’t do anything for me, I like my cuddles up close and personal, on the lap or higher.  Head under Mummy’s chin is my favourite place.

We miss Hugo.  It’s only a month since he left, but that’s a long time in guinea pig years.  Mummy has made a video of him which she said will go on YouTube sometime and we’ll link it here.  She’s made one of me and George too, and she says she must remember to do video clips more often since she didn’t have many.  That must be why she was filming us in the garden yesterday.