Do you ever think that everyone is against you?

We didn’t go outside today.  It has been sunny at times, and grey at times, and Mummy was out all morning when it was grey and sunny and rainy and sunny.  She put us (me and Victor) upstairs in the run after our cuddles. I had some bean ends during our cuddle but I could tell that all the others had been there before me and I bet they had more bean ends than I did. Mummy kissed my ear which was nice, and then she brought me upstairs where Victor was already eating hay and sitting in my tunnel.

Mummy came back after lunch and said she didn’t think we could go outside.  She went outside though, and when she came back I woke up because I was in my tunnel and she was tapping the other end of it.  And I realised I could hear Victor munching on something.  Well, I couldn’t see anything for me to munch on so I went and got his.  Mummy told me off for taking his corn leaf!  I love corn leaves, Mummy knows that and we have to wait till this time of year to get nice fresh ones.  And they’re only around for a few weeks.  But I had to get one from Victor and then Mummy gave him another one!  Well, what about me Mummy, don’t I deserve one too?

Later on I was quietly eating from my bowl of food when Victor came over and sort of started eating the hay next to me but poking his nose at me. I said I wanted to finish here and he said he wanted some.  Well, I didn’t want to start an argument so I let him have my bowl.  I feel so silly that I didn’t stick up for myself but Mummy did ask me to look after him.  Anyway I went and helped myself to his bowl later on, but that was after I saw Mummy giving Victor a nice stroke and scratch while he was in the run.  She just put her hand over the side and scratched him and stroked his back.  She never does that to me!  She did put her hand over to me and I sniffed it a bit but I moved off before she could touch me.  I mean she doesn’t usually stroke me in the run, she usually picks me up for a cuddle.

I think I’ll go and lie down for a bit.  I wish we could eat our grass in the garden instead of having it brought into us.  And the flowers and leaves that mummy brought in were very nice but they’re all gone now.  Nobody understands me.  It’s not fair.

2 thoughts on “Do you ever think that everyone is against you?

  1. Aww, Freddie, sweetie-pie ❤ It is hard at present, with so many changes going on. You're probably still missing George and Victor is missing Hugo, and you probably find it difficult adjusting to life with another pig as does Victor. I do hope you settle down with each other ok, and at least you do have two bowls of food so you can never be deprived by the other. And you silly boy, I was tapping your tunnel with your corn leaf! You didn't take any notice so I just left it there, but you were probably facing the other way. I would love to stroke you in your cage but you don’t seem very keen on me doing that – Victor likes it and comes over specially.
    And you can have a cuddle with me any time, any place. You know that. ❤


  2. Aww, F. You’ve had a difficult few months. I know what it’s like to feel like nothing is working out. Sometimes all you can do is just sit and wallow. I’m an expert wallower myself. Just remember that your Mummy and your crazy American Auntie love you and will always help you through.


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