Down came the rain!

We nearly got wet today.  We went out in the garden soon after midday as mummy came back with the veggies from Shaun’s wonderful Farm Shop and put us straight out as it was dry and warm although windy and cloudy.

Sometimes the clouds were very dark, sometimes they were light and sometimes it was a little bit sunny, so we enjoyed ourselves and Mummy came and ate her lunch and drank her drink and wrote in her book and did some work.  I ate lots of grass and mosied around enjoying myself and Victor did much the same and we had a nice chat.  Hector and Humphrey were on a different patch and we didn’t see them, which was ok as Hector has developed this annoying habit that Hugo had, of standing up at the side of his cage and looking into ours and gnawing the cage bars.  Not as bad as Hugo, though, because he stops.

Anyway Mummy went in to do some work and we carried on and I napped a bit.  Then one of the dark clouds came up and looked very dark indeed.  And it started to plop with rain.  And Mummy ran out of the kitchen and started taking us in – Vic in his tent (I’d jumped out of mine to find the chube but I couldn’t see it).  Then as I was still running around she told me to get in the other tent or the snuggletunnel while she went and got Hector who was in his tent.  And then she got me in, and then she had to get Humphrey out of the cardboard shelter into the tent or chube but he kept going to something to give himself shelter that didn’t have a floor, but eventually Mummy got him in the chube.  So we were all in and Mummy dashed out once more to pick up the lids as she realised my hammock would get wet, then one last time to pick up the snuggletunnels and any other soft toys.  And then she fixed our lids properly and our water bottles and hay racks and told us we were good boys and then it really started POURING with rain :O  I think Mummy only got a little wet but she dried off quickly.

The tents and the pop-up tunnel and the plastic things and the big chube and fiddlesticks got very wet but they are dry now.  And mummy washed my snuggleoo from upstairs because Victor made it all smelly yesterday and it was hanging on the line dripping.  Both before and after the rain.  She says it’s had an extra rinse and will smell extra nice.  I like that.

One thought on “Down came the rain!

  1. It sounds like you’re feeling better today, F. I’m glad.

    Hec. Sigh. I told Mummy that her Hec and my Willoughby are Hugo-Mariusz 2.0. A new generation of cheekiness. H-M can never be replaced, but it’s nice to see that their spirit lives on.


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