Grass… interrupted

It was a lovely sunny morning and Mummy said we could go out on the grass as soon as it was dry enough.  Well, of course by the time it was dry enough there were big black clouds rolling across the sky and a strong blustery wind.

But Mummy kept her word and we went out at 12 noon.  It was very nice, warm, a bit of sun, a bit of cloud, a little drop of rain here and there… but we were fine in our tents and under our fleece blanket (which is a combined sunshade and everything shade over the top of the run).  But when Mummy was eating her lunch out with us it started raining a bit more than it had, and Mummy took her lunch and the table and chairs in under the patio, then stood staring at the clouds since the rain had stopped again.  Then she went and sat down and ate her lunch, then she came out when it was dripping again and told us it was time to come in.  Well, of course I went straight into the snuggletunnel like a good boy, and Victor was already in the tent, so she was able to bring us in and put us up in the run here.  I don’t know what the others did but after a while she brought the rest of our stuff up, you know, food, water, that sort of thing, and then she came back with a nice big pile of grass!  I don’t think it’s raining now, but it’s a bit much to ask Mummy to keep putting us outside, so I’m glad she brought us some grass.

Grass is best










I like grass best 🙂

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