Strange behaviour

Mummy said goodbye and went out of the front door carrying her birdwatching things this morning.  Then a few minutes later we could hear her sitting at the table on the patio.  She tried to open the kitchen door which was silly of her because she had double checked she’d locked it before she said goodbye. 

Then a while later she came back in the front door with Auntie Vikki to say hello to us all.  Wasn’t that nice of Auntie Vikki?  Then Mummy put us out on the grass which was nice and she did lots of gardening.  I didn’t see her doing any birdwatching though, although her things were still on the patio table.

Mummy does some strange things sometimes.

One thought on “Strange behaviour

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Oh dear. Sounds like Mummy locked herself out, F. Humans do that sometimes. I hope you were extra nice and understanding to Mummy when she came back in. She was probably upset with herself.


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