Sigh, technology

Mummy’s having trouble getting onto Facebook at the moment, and so I don’t know whether this will load up to our pages or not.  Perhaps somebody could let us know with a comment here (thank you Auntie Dawn <3).  She’s also having trouble getting through to the vet this morning because the line is engaged.  She says they must be very busy and not to worry about Hugo.

George was always good with technology.  He’d have known what to do.  I don’t 😦  Mummy’s reading manuals and websites in hope of finding the answers.

One thought on “Sigh, technology

  1. I was locked out of Facebook with a ‘roadblock’ saying I had a virus (I didnt). It wanted me to use their McAfee scan and repair tool. Which didnt work, even if I turned off my personal copy of McAfee :O
    I eventually discovered that their procedure for unblocking only works if you’re using Internet Explorer. Sigh


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