Keeping Victor company

Victor has been a bit lost without Hugo, and Mummy put us out in the same run today, in the garden.  It had Victor’s cage and toys at one end, and my cage and toys at the other end and it ran between the veg patches in the middle.  The grass is quite long so we had a lot of work to do which kept us busy.

Funnily enough I enjoyed relaxing under Victor’s fiddlesticks for the afternoon break, and he enjoyed a snooze in my tent.   I’m sure his fiddlesticks were once George’s and mine though, but then a lot of things they had were second-hand.  His tent was new for Christmas though, I remember them getting that.

We had a nice chat and enjoyed ourselves.  I don’t think his eyesight is as good as it used to be though, and it was never very good.  I’d better keep an eye on him while Hugo’s away.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Victor company

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I’m thrilled that you’re getting along with Victor, though I wish it were for a happier reason. Still, I’m hopeful that Hugo will make a triumphant return in a short time.

    I shouldn’t be surprised: both you and V are very easy-going and polite gentleman. Hugo … not so much. I still adore him, though.


  2. Auntie Nixi

    What good boys you are, keeping eachother company. I too, am sure Hugo will be home and back to his cheeky self in no time, I’m sure Mummy will find some time for you and V to spend time together when he returns.
    Sending lots of hugs to everyone (I think you could all do with them)!


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