4 thoughts on “Goodbye my cheeky Hugo

  1. So very very sorry to hear that dear Hugo didn’t make it. It makes it much harder so soon after George I’m sure. 😦

    Thinking of you, Fred, Victor, Hector and Humphrey, and sending hugs.



  2. Dawn

    This photo captures him perfectly. Just a cheeky, nosy, adorable li’l devil. His passing is a tremendous loss. I’m so sorry.

    Love you, Hugo. Thank you for all the joy you’ve brought to your Mummy and your crazy American Auntie. I won’t say “rest in peace” because I know that you won’t really be resting — you’ll be creating all kinds of mischief with your twin Mariusz. I’m distraught that you have left us, but pleased that you and he are finally together.



  3. Lady Snailspace

    I’m so sorry that you lost Hugo 😦 You fight so hard for your little men, and they have the best life a pig could ever have.

    Run free with George and Mariusz, little man xxxx


  4. Auntie Nixi

    Oh, es…What can I say? I’m so sorry to hear of another hard loss, so soon after G’s passing to the bridge too. 😦
    Run happy and well leaving trouble and mischief in your wake, Hugo.


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