Hugo in hospital

Mummy went to see Hugo in the hospital today.  He is in a big cage thing with a see-through front which gets oxygen pumped in to help him feel better.  She says she took him out and cuddled him for a bit, but when she put him back and closed the door he was very unhappy so she opened it again and cuddled him for longer.  She stayed for nearly an hour with him and when she finished Amber fixed the oxygen up again


3 thoughts on “Hugo in hospital

  1. Auntie Dawn

    He looks a bit sad but not very ill to me. Of course I’m not his Mummy so I can’t tell for sure. I’ll bet he’s hamming it up a bit, to get some attention from the ladies. “Oh, woe is me…. Nurse Amber, I NEED you.” Cheeky boy.

    His accommodations look comfy and spacious.

    She’s so good, isn’t she? Mummy, I mean. You boys are certainly lucky to have her.

    If you talk to him (through whatever means you piggies use), tell him that I’m always thinking about him and love him loads. I wish him a super-speedy recovery.

    Thanks for the update and photos, F.


  2. Well, you didnt see him moving. He’s very poorly. I phoned this morning and he’s spent a comfortable night, eating a little, drinking a lot, and they are continuing his treatment. I looked up pneumonia in my gp reference books and I think he probably developed it because he is under par and has lost a lot of weight due to his bladder/kidney stones and the treatment, and we went out on the grass last weekend in relatively cool conditions. The others are fine, but Hugo was susceptible. I gave him lots of warm hideyholes in case he wanted them, but he did enjoy creeping along the grass and munching it. Sorry sweetheart ❤
    I'm going to see him again today.


  3. Fred

    Mummy went to see Hugo twice today because she forgot to take the herbs and grass she want to take to tempt him with. Apparently he didnt eat them but he took a bit of cucumber. His coat is better today, she said, which is good, but otherwise he still looks very poorly and walks a bit like he’s drunk. I don’t know what that means but she said most humans would.


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