Busy Tuesday

We’ve been very busy today.  First of all we had our cuddles with Mummy and then she cleaned our cages as usual, but she didn’t give us our breakfast!  We did have some hay and a piece of cucumber, but that’s not Breakfast, not to my mind.  She had her own breakfast, mind, and that’s not normal at all.

Then she put us each in our travel boxes and told us we were going to see Dr Louise, so we werent going far.  That’s good, I like to know where we’re going so I can work out whether to have a nap or a sleep in the box as I don’t really like travelling, so I find it best to sleep through it.

When we got there Dr Stuart told us there was a delay as some other things had happened and the parrot that had the previous appointment had only just gone in and he needed tests.  Well, that’s good, it’s always nice to know that every customer gets the same excellent attention.  And I heard Mummy talking to the parrot’s owner as he came out into the waiting room while the tests were being done, and he said it was a Galah which is an Australian type of parrot.

Anyway eventually Laura came and spoke to us all and we went for our dental check-ups.  And Mummy said she thought we were all fine although Hector didn’t like her looking at his teeth and usually bit her so she thought it was a good opportunity for him to get some more handling.  And don’t you just know it but he was a perfect gentleman for Laura.  Sat nicely, let her put the funny metal thing in her mouth that she looks through, never bit her at all, or even struggled.  No funny high jinks when she weighed him either.  Mummy told him he was a good boy and gave him a bit of bean and put him back then it was Humphrey’s turn and of course he was quiet and calm as usual.

Then it was my turn and I did my best to show everyone how well trained I was and how smart Mummy had made me for the visit.  And Laura felt under my chin and checked my little lump (its getting smaller) and said I had a double chin!  Excuse me, Nurse Laura, but that’s my special neck extending area for gazing at the stars with my head in the air! Double chin indeed!

Then it was Victor and Hugo’s turns, and they were both fine too, and the cut on Vic’s lip is healing fast, but I dont remember Hugo having his teeth checked, come to think of it, because Mummy was explaining that she’d hoped to talk to Louise about his squeaking and stones.  And then Dr Louise came in and Mummy told her how Hugo was squeaking again and their recent upset tummies and the pills she was giving him again and Dr Louise listened and advised her to use the higher dosage to make sure they were fully effective as they’d tried two levels of dosage before.  And Mummy was pleased about that.

And then Dr Louise said she’d have a look at us all while we were there so we all came out again in reverse order!  It was nice to see her again, although I would have preferred to stay in my box and eat the beans.  And then Mummy gave us each a carrot fresh from the garden that morning with nice green tops and all, so I had a nibble of that and didnt notice what happened to Hector & Humphrey.

And then we all came home and Mummy put us straight out onto the grass as it was nearly dry and the sun was out.  And a little while later it clouded over and Mummy took a long time deciding whether it was gong to rain or not, and she decided not and went and did some things.  And then she decided it would, so we came in and now I can tell you all about it.

I bet Hector and Humphrey aren’t as good as that when they get their nails trimmed later like Mummy said she would!

2 thoughts on “Busy Tuesday

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Sounds like quite a day, F. I had a rather hectic day as well — lots of human stuff that wouldn’t interest you much.

    Ooh! I am going to give that “special neck extending area” such a tickle when I see you, Cutiepie, so get ready!

    Hec … what to say about that boy?

    Glad that you all are doing well. ❤ x 5. Kudos to Mummy for being an excellent caretaker.


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