What a rumpus!

All hell broke loose here yesterday morning.  Hugo was still feeling poorly so Victor went down on the floor on his own.  Mummy was worried about Hugo and his pooing again as he’d been sitting in his hutch all fluffed up and not eating, and he’d lost more weight (and he’s quite skinny now).  So she started him back on his buscopan tablet to help his irridible bowl (I think that’s what she called it) and he was feeling a lot better yesterday morning and even started looking over the cage end at me.  But Mummy didn’t put him down on the floor for his run as his poos were all funny.

But Hector had had his cuddle with mummy, who was wearing a different shirt from the one she cuddles us in, just as Auntie Vikki had suggested, and he and Humphrey were already down there running around when Victor went down for his run.  Mummy was a bit worried that Victor had very smelly poos and hadn’t done much in the night, and was cleaning the cage out when there was an almighty chattering and rumbling and squealing from the floor.  And I could just about see Victor and Hector standing head to head teeth chattering at each other, and Mummy grabbed Hugo & Victor’s tent and took it down there and told Victor it was time for him to come in.  Well, that was clever because Victor could jump in the tent like an obedient piggy and it didn’t look as if he was running away from Hector.  Mummy just ignored Hector.

But when Mummy stood the tent in H&V’s cage he just stood there chattering and Hugo came over with a worried chatter and asked him what was going on.  Mummy helped him out of the tent and stroked him and he calmed down a bit, but then mummy picked him up and took him off for a cuddle and came back saying he’d got blood in his mouth. Which she washed out with some water and Victor started to relax and feel a bit better.  She picked Humphrey and Hector up but couldnt see any signs of any bites or anything on Hec, so she decided that Hec must have caught Victor somewhere round his mouth.

I don’t know what happened after that because she told me she was going to stay with uncle for the night and she put Hugo and Victor in the travel box and took them with her.  I thought she was only planning to take Hugo with her so that Vic could keep me company.  But he’s gone with Hugo and I suppose that’s good so she can keep an eye on them both and look after them with their pills and things.

I expect she’ll tell all when she comes home tonight.

2 thoughts on “What a rumpus!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    That does sound pretty intense, F. I spoke to Mummy today and she said that Victor is feeling better. I’m glad of that.

    What to do with Hector? I do feel bad for him since he had a bad experience before Mummy found him, but he does need to learn how to play nice. Sigh.


  2. Fred

    Everything seems fine this morning. Hugo and Victor enjoyed their trip to Uncle’s house and they had special food while they were there. Mummy says Hugo’s weight has improved since Saturday morning and he’s looking much better. He’s also standing at the side of my cage and asking me to come and play… well, I know his play and it’s all very well, but I’ll just stay here, thanks.

    Victor seems to have recovered his poise but has lost 50 grams since last weekend, which Mummy thinks is the tummy upset rather than the fight. His lip is coming along fine and isn’t bothering him at all, but she’s carrying on with the honey cream.

    Hector and Humphrey had their run this morning after Hugo & Victor had gone back into the cage. It keeps everything quiet and calm, which I like.

    I know what you mean Auntie Dawn. We have to make allowances for Hector as he had a Disturbed Childhood. But there’s only so much nonsense a piggy can stand for you know. But maybe we just have to encourage him into more civilised ways. I think attacking Victor like that wasnt a good idea though. He’s got off very lightly and Victor’s got a cut lip. Very Heroic, Victor 😉


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