Summer over already?

It seems like summer must be over already.  It has been very sunny and dry for months, so I suppose all this cloud and rain and cooler temperatures must mean it is autumn already.  I just thought it was a bit early this year.

There are still a lot of baby birds in the garden, and the swallow is still feeding the babies in its nest, and the swifts havent left for the south yet.  I notice these things because I’m a Natural Philosopher.  George was an Engineer.  We have different talents.  So its not full autumn yet.  And the trees haven’t even begun to change colour.  There aren’t any apples on the tree though – I looked when I was mowing the grass there last weekend.  The corn hasn’t grown like it should have done if it was autumn.  But I can see some little tomatoes that are green, so I don’t know really.

We’re getting lots of lovely leaves from the garden.  It did get a bit boring when our five-a-day kept being carrot, celery, cucumber, broccoli and pepper.  Today we got a fresh carrot with leaves on, some celeriac leaf, apple leaf, a sprig of mint, some sage leaves, some oak leaf lettuce, some bean leaves, some strawberry leaves, a bit of fennel leaf, and a bit of cucumber as well!  It was delicious.

Maybe it’s still summer.

Why is it wet and cool then?

One thought on “Summer over already?

  1. Auntie Dawn

    It’s wet and cool because … it’s England. (Sorry, F, couldn’t resist. Mummy knows how much I like to tease her about your local weather.)

    It’s only mid-July, silly pig. High summer. At least it is in Noo Yawk. It’s been HOT here, near 100° Fahrenheit. I have no idea what that is in Celsius because, like a true Yank, I am scared of the metric system.

    Your talents are different than G’s, true, but you are both extremely intelligent and well-spoken and very observant in your respective fields. I’m very proud of you, F, and will always be proud of your brother.

    You have a similar writing style, I’ve found. You both write descriptively but in a pragmatic, straightforward fashion, with few superfluous words. In addition to recording what you have seen, you describe your reactions to it in a somewhat removed fashion, as if you were the subject of your own observation. It’s a good style; I like it. Keep up the good work!


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