Makeover :)

As you can see, we’ve had a makeover!  I hope you like it.

There are some new facilities which we don’t know how to use yet, so please be patient with our experiments. In fact I’m putting this in as an ‘Aside’ whatever that is…  well, we’ll soon find out.

I hope you like the changing banners.  Can you work out how many there are?  Collect the set!!

2 thoughts on “Makeover :)

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Love it!! I’m very proud of you, F. I know that you were the presiding genius behind the makeover; Mummy just did the legwork.

    The rotating banner is a great touch.



  2. Fred

    I’m glad you like it Auntie Dawn. But Mummy worked really hard on it, she just consulted me from time to time as she found more things to make it nice.


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