End of mourning period?

Today it is 49 days since Georgie died, which is usually the end of our official mourning period (7×7 because piggies count in base 7 – George did an explanation about that).  I don’t know whether to change the colour scheme or not.  It seems an awfully long time since George left us, but also no time at all.  Is it really seven weeks?

I don’t really want to change it back to the nice bright colours that Mummy chose and Georgie liked, but then again, it is George’s guinea pig world and maybe that’s the official colour scheme.  On the other hand there are some nice new designs and layouts I could use.  Apparently I have to select one that shows the chapters in Mummy’s books in the menu bars properly, but I can do that given a bit of time to sort them out.

Mummy says I could make it nice colours but leave George’s photo and dates as a memorial on the side.  What do you advise?

5 thoughts on “End of mourning period?

  1. I know what you mean, Fred. Last week I just couldnt believe it was already six weeks, but this week it is beginning to feel quite a long time ago. Perhaps it was because we finally buried him over a week ago and I know he is at peace.

    I think a change of colour scheme would be good. I’ve just lightened up the monochrome here with a background to match your cage. If other people approve the idea of a change I’ll show you my shortlist of themes and you can pick one or two of those and we’ll see how they look.


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Seven weeks already? I can’t believe it. I remember vividly the moment I read the news, as if it were yesterday. I was sitting right here at my desk, about to start another boring day, and then my heart dropped to the floor.

    It’s still hard to cope with the fact that Georgie’s gone, but in a way I feel that he’s here, all around me. For instance, Willoughby was engaging in some … umm .. “redecorating” the other night (check my GPRWA post for details, F), and I couldn’t help but think that his Uncle George was there, supervising — and in this case, disapproving. 🙄

    I’m rambling. In answer to the actual question you asked, I think that you should leave G’s pic and dates up, but put them in a more prominent place (at the top?). Keeping them in the sidebar makes them less important. If it’s going to remain G’s Guinea Pig World, I think G should be integrated into the blog design. Just my two cents, F.

    As you know I’m pretty handy with Photoshop. I’d be happy to help Mummy create a banner with G in it, if you and she want. Hey, maybe a banner with the two of you would be a good way to pay tribute to him and show that you’ve taken over authorship of the blog.

    Change is sometimes good. G would approve of change, if done thoughtfully and for a good purpose. I think change would lighten Mummy’s and your mood. Let’s have a look at Mummy’s shortlist of themes, and we’ll give her some advice. Sound good, Cutie??


    1. Auntie Dawn

      Ooh, just had another thought, F. Below the banner you could put a tag line like, “In honor of my brother George,” “Continuing the tradition of George,” or “As continued by Fred.” Something like that — Mummy can figure out the exact wording. This would honor George and explain why you’re now writing a blog that still has George’s name in the title.


  3. Well, we’ve had a go at changing it to a new theme which has a different picture on the home page, but I can’t get it quite right… Try again tomorrow probably.


  4. Fred

    Well, I really like the new layout Mummy’s applied to the blog. We’ve got a cool black background, changing header pigtures of George and the gang (and me), little mini-photos to put on the posts, and a little RIP George right at the bottom although Mummy said it could go higher up if I wanted. But I think that’s ok don’t you?


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