Rain sense

I’m very impressed with Mummy’s rain sense.  I thought humans didn’t have that sort of skill, but Mummy is very good at working out when it is going to rain, and generally brings us in from the garden Just In Time.

Of course there were a few times in our youth when she got it wrong.  The first time she was working up here and we were in the garden, and it started to rain so George and I jumped in our tent together and sat there in the dry.  Then Mummy came to rescue us and we all got wet!!  Next time it happened she stood under the patio roof watching us and worrying as the fleeces that were supposed to be our sunshade got completely soaked and started dripping through.  But we were in our tents (so were Hugo and Victor as they were with us by then) and we were fine.  But that was the last time it happened (and the rain did get very heavy that time and went on for a long time if I remember correctly).

So I just wondered how she’d managed to get so much better these days.  I mean sometimes she comes out and looks at us and stares at the sky and mutters things.  Or she asks me whether I think it’s going to rain.  I usually say ‘yes’ because I’m sure it will soon or later.  She doesn’t ask a specific enough question to my mind, but I try to answer it as best I can.  And sometimes she brings us in and then the sun comes out a little while later.

Today though she said, “I think it’s going to rain soon”.  And she packed away the papers she was reading and put the cushion for her chair indoors, and folded up the chair and put it under the patio.  Then she got diverted and did stuff to the raspberry bushes and when we came in there were bits of raspberry bush for us to eat (yummy!).  But then she brought me in, then Hector & Humphrey and finally Hugo and Victor.  And just as she’d got all our cages in and all our toys and all our water bottles and our fleeces, and I think she’d gone out one last time which would be to put our run round the veg patches to keep the rabbit off….  and as she came back in it started to rain.

She’s a clever Mummy.

One thought on “Rain sense

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Yes, she is very clever.

    It’s good of you to have patience with her, F, when she asks a vague question. It must be frustrating for you, with your razor-sharp intellect. I’ll bet you give her a Look or two when she does that.


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