Midsummers Day

Mummy went out extremely early today.  She made herself a drink to take with her and while she was waiting for something to make a noise so she could finish it (I dont know what it is, but I know what it sounds like) she gave us hay, more pellets and water.  Then she left us till the afternoon, when she arrived back with veggies from the shop 🙂

We went out in the garden then. Mummy came out and sat down and fell asleep because we could hear her snoring.  I thought she wanted to do some special work in the garden because she had told me about it earlier in the week because we’d been planning to do it for some time, and we thought the longest day (21st) would have been a good day, but it wasnt for some reason.  So today, Midsummer Day was the Right Day.

Anyway, she sort of snored very loudly and woke herself up, then got up and got her spade and set to work.  She carefully tidied up the edges of the flower bed we had chosen and dug out a plant that didnt belong there, and dug out another that she moved over to the shady side of the garden.  Then she dug a deep hole.  Then we all watched sadly as she brought George’s body out of the cold store and carefully laid it in the grave and covered it over with some nice grass and filled in the hole.  But she planted a lavender bush on top and put some nice brick things round it to decorate it.  And she said something about us meeting again at Rainbow Bridge or Saturn and to rest in peace.  Which we all agreed with.  Then Mummy went and made a cup of tea and Hugo and Hector came and chatted to me and said how nice the service had been.  And I agreed.

So that was our important event for Midsummers Day.

One thought on “Midsummers Day

  1. Oh, F. I’m crying again. It’s so hard to say goodbye, I know. You are one brave little cookie, and I’m proud of you and the way in which you’ve been supporting Mummy.

    That sounds like a lovely ceremony — quiet, simple, and dignified, with his Mummy, brother, and best friends. That’s just the way G would have wanted it. There was another chocolate & white crested piggie there besides Hugo, I’m sure.

    Saku, Willoughby, Peepers, Tweek, the human male, and I were there in spirit. I am looking forward to seeing G’s lovely lavender bush and paying my respects to his memory in the fall.

    Love you, F.


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