Mummy sounds very strange today

Mummy has been making funny noises for the last two days and blowing her nose into a white cloth called a handkerchief.  She also has a nice smelling lemon drink in the morning and evening when she’s cuddling me, and usually she drinks coffee or tea.

Today she didn’t sound like herself at all, she was sort of whispering and croaking instead of talking to us in her nice voice.  She’s also very sniffy in her nose and coughing and sneezing even more than yesterday.

I’m not sure whether she’s doing the right things to look after herself.  Do you think this lemon drink is enough or should she be putting Vicks on her nose and other things I’ve read that mummies should do for piggies with a URI (upper respiratory tract infection) as that’s what I think she’s got?

But she was very cheered up when Uncle Simon said hello to her and us on his radio show this morning 🙂  Thank you Uncle Simon.

2 thoughts on “Mummy sounds very strange today

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww, poor Mummy. Humans can be quite miserable when they have colds and URIs (as piggies can be, I’m sure). As for treatment, I’m not sure. It’s up to Mummy — whatever makes her feel more comfortable. If her infection is viral, it can’t be treated by antibiotics, and just has to run its course. Being a human is rotten sometimes, F.

    I suggested to Mummy that she get nose strips. They’re basically strips of beige tape that humans put across their noses to open up the nasal passages. I wear them to bed. I look quite silly, but who cares. They help me sleep.

    Humans make all kinds of strange noises under these conditions — honks, wheezes, coughs, sputters, rasps, etc. You shouldn’t be too alarmed, F, but do be extra sweet to Mummy, and tell Hector to take it down a few notches. Mummy definitely does not need to be chasing down a disobedient piggie when she’s feeling this bad. (I think Hec has out-Hugoed Hugo, as far as cheekiness. I think even Mariusz would say, “That boy is just too damn cheeky!”)

    You know, when I get a cold, it leaves me with a cough that lasts for weeks, way beyond the lifespan of the cold itself. The cough is deep and loud, and sounds like something between a truck horn and a goose. It can’t be pleasant for the human male I live with.

    Incidentally, F, I take Acidophilus, which is a probiotic similar to the one Mummy gives to Hugo. Ever since I’ve been on it, I’ve gotten far fewer colds and flus. Actually, in the 1 1/2 years I’ve been taking it, I think I only got one minor cold, and the goose-honk wasn’t nearly as bad. I think it has to do with the health of your intestinal tract and the existence of good bacteria. You might mention this to Mummy when she feels better.

    I have no idea who Uncle Simon is, but he sounds nice. Hi, Uncle Simon. :wave:


  2. Auntie Nixi

    Oh dear, I do hope your mummy feels better. It’s not nice feeling poorly, as I’m sure you know. Try and be extra good for her and give her more kisses than usual, they’ll help her to feel better. 😀
    Hubby and I are all snuffly at the moment, as we have hayfever, which means the pollen in the air from the plants and grass makes our noses run and our eyes itchy, it’s not very comfortable. 😦 It also makes my asthm bad, so I’m wheezing everytime I go upstairs or take a brisk walk with Rupert.
    Give mummy a nice big hug from me! 🙂


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