It’s very hot

Yesterday was very hot but we spent all day in the garden eating the grass. That was good as it needed eating! It had grown quite a lot and I wasnt quite able to get all mine down to a nice even length, but mummy said I’d done a very good job.  I was pleased but I thought hector and Humphrey had done a very much better job and Hugo & Victor’s was pretty good too, although lumpy in places and they’d missed a few clover flowers.  They had a large patch to do though.

Mummy gave us some air-conditioning during the afternoon, as well as leaving the side gate open during the morning so we had a through breeze (that was nice).  But in the afternoon she put a cold bottle of water in our cage area (it has a towel or fleece over it to give us lots of shade) and then a little later I heard her watering the towel to make it wet.  That was good – it didnt drip but it certainly made the shady part nice and cool.  I was able to go out into the sun and eat more grass then come back and lie in the cool shade 🙂  Hugo spent most of the day lying in the cool shade and drinking water.  And eating grass of course. And talking to me and Hector. I couldnt reach Hector, he was the other side of the cabbage bed netting.

I thought we might go out today as well but Mummy has done something different.  She says its already as hot as it got yesterday and it’s only 9.30 (well it was when she said it).   So we arent going out on the grass (which is still wet, she checked it as early as 8 am for us) until evening she says, when she hopes it will have cooled down a bit.  She says its 29 in the garden already and it could go up to 32 as it gets hotter than the surrounding area in our garden and she’s trying to keep the house much cooler than that so she’s closed the windows and shaded the south facing ones to keep the cool in and the heat out.  It’s very clever but she says she learnt it from her daddy who learnt it in Africa.  So our room is about 22 and here at the computer its 24 and they shouldnt get much hotter than that, we hope.  It’s very relaxing 🙂

I’m looking forward to the evening though.

4 thoughts on “It’s very hot

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Ooh, that is hot. It sounds like typical NYC summer weather, but I guess you guys aren’t used to it. Also, everyone here has air conditioning. But it sounds like Mummy’s doing a good job of keeping you guys nice and cool.

    By the way, F, don’t be surprised if Mummy gets a case of the Grumps today. The heat does that to us humans.

    I’ll bet you did a superb job on the grass. Keep on mowing, F!


    1. Fred

      Mummy went out into the garden to get us some grass. When she opened the door there was a blast of hot air came in! She came back in with some grass and told us it was like stepping into a hot bath out there, very nice if you just wanted to sit still for a few minutes. But she came back in and watched tennis for a bit. Its over 30 outside she says, and it reads 36 on the patio!! Its about 24 at my cage and 26 up here at the computer. But it’s ok and we’ve got lots to drink. I’m just resting till its lawnmowing time.


  2. It certainly is hot Fred 🙂 It’s 27 in the garden and here at the computer now so the boys have gone out lawnmowing – it’s clouded over a bit and we’re due thunderstorms tonight or tomorrow night and normal temperatures for the rest of the week.


  3. Auntie Dawn

    Thanks for the update, Fred and Fred’s Mummy. I hope it has cooled off for you guys.

    I hope you’re able to do some more mowing, F. ❤


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