Saturdays are nice days in our house, although all days are nice.  But on Saturdays we sit on mummy’s lap to watch the racing programme during our cuddle.  There isn’t anyone we’re interested in running today, but next week is the Derby, with the Oaks on Friday, and I know one of Mummy’s club horses is running in a big race on Friday and I hope I’m going to watch it with her.  The Derby and the Oaks are even bigger races than the one our horse Dandino is running in.

As stated, we had a nice cuddle this morning, and a tasty breakfast after.  Mummy was pleased with me and Victor because we’d lost a bit of weight.  We’d been overweght the previous week.  Well, Victor was eating some of Hugo’s food and mummy was still putting out enough for me and George, and a boy has to eat when he’s sad, doesn’t he? Anyway she’s very pleased with me, but we’re still going to go and see Dr Vedra this afternoon.

Mummy said Hugo needs to go back to Dr Vedra because he’s continuing his treatment for his bladder stones.  They sound very horrid, I must say, and I’m glad I don’t have them.  I think I’d better make a public apology to Hugo because he’s been whingeing on about his tummy hurting for months and now it seems it was with good reason.  He’s feeling a bit better but he doesn’t feel like eating at the moment, so mummy is worried about him again.

She’s taking the rest of us too for our annual check-up.  She reminded me that I went there last year for the dental course and I thought ‘oh yes, well that’s all right then,’ and went back to munching the grass we’d been given.  She told Victor and he said ‘ok, fine, whatever you want, mummy’ but then he’s always a very agreeable chap.  Then she spent quite a while explaining to Hector and Humphrey they’d be going in a carry box and it would take quite a long time, then they’d each be looked at and they were to behave themselves, and Hector wasn’t to bite anyone.  And then they’d be coming home again.  And I was surprised because she emphasised they’d be coming home here and this was their home.  I mean, of course it is!

And then I realised that since they came here they’ve only been out in the garden or moved from one end of the kitchen to the other.  I don’t even think they’ve been upstairs!  So she was quite right to reassure them they’d be coming home, because they’ve not had a good experience of being put in their travel box.  Each time it happened they went to a new home (and then they came here).  Mummy is very wise, isn’t she?

I’ll keep an eye on them anyway.

One thought on “Saturday

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I don’t know a lot about racing, but Mummy’s been teaching me some things. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, eh, Fred? All the breeding and training and worry that goes into it. Very interesting stuff.

    No apologies needed, F. We all know that Hugo can be a bit of a drama queen, as Mariusz was, even under the best of circumstances. You couldn’t have known that he had bladder stones. I’m glad that he’s got a diagnosis now, so that he can be treated. I can’t wait until he’s back to his cheeky, whooshing, begging-for-cucumber self.

    Hec and Humph are very lucky to have you looking out for them, and yes, Mummy is very wise.

    Thanks for the informative post, Sweetie.

    Auntie Dawn


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