I didnt know what to put in the title but I hope ‘Thursday’ will do.

It’s still quiet.  We’ve been outside lawnmowing most days although it’s been quite hard to find grass to mow.  I think Mummy has looked for the best spots for us and I’ve tried my best to cover the area allocated to me.  Most of the time the other four are in one big run sharing a few panels with me so we can chat if I fancy it.  I’ve said hello to each of them, but not for long.  Hugo is always ready for a chat.  He’s a good chap now he’s calmed down a bit.  A year or so ago he was all for jumping on me and telling me who was boss, and of course I am, so enough said, OK?  These days we just sit and chat.  He’s still feeling sore in his tummy but he says it’s not nearly as bad as it was.

Victor’s an obliging chap as always.  He is tending to get a bit bossy and set in his ways though.  Which is good when it comes to dealing with young Hector who is quite amusing to watch, really, since he goes from one to the other almost continuously, trying to get them to play with him, and jumping on them and being a bit nippy, and they just tell him to bog off.  He stood looking at me a couple of times and I ignored him.  Young upstart!  Humphrey is completely different, I’ve exchanged a few polite words with him and I think he’s got the makings of a very nice chap.

It’s been sunny and warm for weeks, but windy just lately, so we’ve had lots of time in the garden when Mummy’s been in.  But today it’s raining a bit and Mummy said we wouldnt be going out till late if it had dried up enough.  But then she had a look at my nose to see what the black spot on it was.  Then she tried scratching it off and it wouldnt come so she got a big glass thing out that made her look very big, and she still couldnt work out what it was, so she took some photos of it, close up from different angles.  I don’t remember getting it, it doesnt itch, so I don’t know why she’s bothered about it really.

Yesterday or the day before when we were outside Mummy moved my cage from one side of the room to the other, so it’s next door to Hugo & Victor again.  I say again because it was like that when they first came, but Hugo kept gnawing at the bars so she moved us over to the other side.  I liked it there.  I could see Mummy come through the door and I could see into the garden.  But I can see Mummy working in the kitchen better from here and I suppose having Hugo next door does make it easier to chat.  As long as he doesnt try that gnawing lark again I expect I’ll get used to it.

One thought on “Thursday

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Sigh. What to do about Hec?

    I’m glad that Hugo’s matured. He’s been an excellent mentor for Hec and Humph, but perhaps some of his cheeky ways have rubbed off on Hec. Combine that with Hec’s youth and you’ve got one irritating teenager.

    That said, I do think you need to step up and do a bit of mentoring of your own. Hec needs the advice and calming influence of a wise older boar such as yourself I have every confidence that you can do it. I know that you’re still in deep mourning, but you and Hec can benefit each other: you can guide him, and he can put some fun into your life. What do you say, F?? Give it a try; you might be surprised.

    I find it sort of amusing that Hugo is getting some of his own back. Of course I just adore Hugo, as you know, and have a soft spot for cheeky chocolate-and-white cresteds. ❤

    I'm not surprised that Humph is a delightful young man. It's just the Way of the Sheltie. (Perhaps I'm a bit biased.)

    I hope your li'l nose is ok. Keep us posted.

    Happy lawnmowing, Cutie!

    Auntie Dawn


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