Well, Mummy put me in my box, Hugo and Victor in their box, and Hector & Humphrey in their box, and all the boxes strapped in on the back seat of the car, and we set off on the two hour drive to Cambridge Cavy Trust at Huntingdon.

When we got there, Hugo went first because he was the reason for going, he had to have another xray to see how his bladder stones were doing.  I didn’t hear what was said, but then Mummy came back for me and I could tell she was a little upset about something but being polite, and making sure I was examined properly, and answering about my lump which has got much smaller recently (I’ve had it since I was six months old and I’m nearly four now).  Then I went back in  my box and Hector and Humphrey got looked at.

Mummy told Dr Vedra  how they’d come to be with her and she (Dr Vedra) said that Humphrey was much older than mummy thought, at least two years old, she could tell by his nails.  And mummy said that explained why he was always so big, even when he was very skinny.  She checked Humphrey’s privates and said they needed cleaning and there was a lot of grit there and he might need to be watched for bladder stones too.  Then it was Hector’s turn. Mummywarned Dr Vedra that Hector had a tendency to nip and of course Hector was as good as gold and never wriggled or anything.

Then we all went back in our boxes and back in the car and Mummy apologised to me that it was such a short break from driving and gave me some leaves and cucumber in case I wanted to eat anything on the journey home.  Which I didn’t, I just hid in my fleece.

But when I said ‘all’ I didnt mean ‘all’ because although Hugo and Victor’s box came home, Hugo and Victor stayed in.  Which was why mummy kept saying ‘outrageous’ as she was driving along.  She told me all about it when we got home.

We went today because Mummy had sent a message to Dr Vedra yesterday saying Hugo had finished his pills and was due for an xray next week, when could we come.  And Vedra texted back to come today at 4pm.  So that’s why we went.  But when we got there Dr Vedra said he’d have to stay in till Tuesday for the xray, maybe Wednesday because she was having some work done and she didnt have any electricity for the xray machine.  And when mummy checked she said it wouldn’t be finished till Monday at the earliest.  And mummy was really cross because she would much rather have taken Hugo on Monday or even Tuesday next week, and brought him back later the same day.  And then when Dr Vedra took Victor to check over, she said he’d better stay with Hugo as he was his companion and it didnt do to separate boars!  And mummy never even got a chance to say goodbye to Victor becuase she siad it as she took him to check and didn’t bring him back to her.

So mummy drove all that way for four hours, and now she has to drive for four hours again on Tuesday or Wednesday.  And Dr Vedra must have known she couldnt xray on Friday when mummy texted her.  So why did she say bring him today? Mummy is really quite cross about it.  Which is why she kept saying ‘Outrageous’ when she was driving along in the car.  And she’s also a bit upset at not saying anything to Hugo and Victor, just leaving them there.  And she apologised to me for taking me all that way and not even giving me a break while we waited for Hugo to be xrayed.  But that’s ok.  I just want her to be happy again.  And for Hugo and Victor to come back safe and sound.

3 thoughts on “Outrageous!

  1. Oh dear, I am sorry to hear mummy had to leave the boys behind…I’m sure they’ll be back soon enough though…but I can definately understand mummy (and everyone else) being very upset. :’-(
    Sending you lots of cuddles from me and my boys…


  2. Auntie Dawn

    I agree with Mummy: it is outrageous. I would have said that and a lot more, most of which can’t be repeated here. Poor Mummy.

    I don’t want to say anything bad about Vedra, though. I know that she does good work for piggies, and does it for very little money. I guess she’s just stressed, and better at communicating with pigs than with humans. I think Mummy would agree that the annoyance is worth it, if this issue with Hugo can be resolved.

    I’m worried about Hugo, but I know that you will keep us informed.

    I’m enjoying your posts, Fred. Thank you for taking over the blog. I know that George is watching and is very proud of you (as am I). ❤

    Auntie Dawn


  3. Fred

    They came home last night. Mummy thought they were looking stressed. Victor told me there were loud noises and drilling sounds like when mummy had men in the other rooms and said they were doing the fireplace, but no banging. He’s very glad to be home and get nice food again. Hugo is quiet but he’s a bit brighter this morning.


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