Our other presents!

Uncle James went home yesterday so we all went back to our usual places.  Well, Hugo and Victor were in their usual place anyway, but Hector and Humphrey went back to their place in the corner and Hugo told us today they said they much preferred it.  I can’t understand that.  Our place is light and airy and near the garden and we can hear the birds and see Mummy and chat across the way to Hugo and Victor (well I suppose that is a mixed blessing).

But it’s nice to be back in our cage.  We went round and round checking everything was in its proper place, and working out what was different.  Then after we’d done the round through the chubes, the fiddle sticks and everything about four or five times Fred and I stopped for some hay in the middle and compared notes.

1) our grassy hutch with our over-developed picture window wasn’t there and we had a new one instead.  Fred is Thinking and I will turn his Thinks into a new design 🙂

2) there was a new thing strung up in the corner, like a tent thing from a Bedouin camp like we saw on the film Hidalgo the other day.

We checked it out some more and decided it was our secret santa present as it was blue fleece with flying things on it, and I know that was what my secret santa present had inside it.  It hangs across the corner.  We can sit underneath it which is very fine.  It sags a little in the middle and I wonder whether it is possible to jump up onto it and look at the view from there.  Maybe we will try that out sometime.  It’s very nice and very smart.  We’ve also got our original snuggle sac down here and Fred decided to put it near enough to the corner thing to give it a proper Thinking about.

Mummy is making brussels sprout soup at the moment.  and she gave us each a piece of the Brussels sprout stalk to try out.  We got the top bit which is the best bit, but she does say we have three more to get through, so we’ll each take turns with the best bit.  I don’t like Brussels Sprouts, but I like the stalk and the peelings 🙂

You probably want to know what the others got for Christmas.  Victor and Hugo got some special herby hay (a Hugo sized bag ;)) and a new pop-up tent for the summer, and Hector and Humphrey got a roll of hay cakes and a packet of herbs which they are generously sharing with us (V&H are sharing their herby hay as well) and also a second-hand grassy hutch with an over-ambitious picture window.  That’s what they called it.  They like it a lot, they said.  I wonder where that came from :D?

One thought on “Our other presents!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww. It sounds like you boys got treated very well for Christmas. You deserve every bit of it, and more (even Hugo 😉 ).

    Give the hammock — that’s what the tent thing is called — a try. I’m sure it’s really comfy up top.

    Good luck to Fred in his Thinks.



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