Christmas Adventures

Well! On Christmas Eve Fred and I were moved upstairs so that Hector and Humphrey could have their cage in our space and Mummy could have her kitchen worktop back.  She said she needed it for all the Christmas cooking and clearing up.  I don’t know why that is, but I trust her.  It’s been a bit quiet, but Mummy comes up and sees us quite a few times each day.

On Christmas Day Fred and I had our presents!  We had a lovely new Snuggle-oo.  This is Fred checking it out.  It matches our fleeces which is very clever.

It’s big enough for both of us to relax in at once, although it gets very warm when we’re both in there.  Mummy tried to get Fred for his medications in the evening and she had to feel inside to work out which of us was which!  And she pulled me out, but I got a cuddle which was nice 🙂 before she got Fred out as she had intended before.  I’ve spent a lot of time in it today (Boxing Day) and Fred has been either in the grassy hutch or the stripey snugglesac.

But we had another present – a new grassy hutch for our cage!  Mummy showed it to us although we won’t be able to try it out till we go back to our cage later in the week.  And then there was a present to me (although I know it’s to share with Fred too) from our Secret Santa from GPRWA. You can see me with it here:

It was beautifully wrapped and inside there was a lovely blue hammock with flying things on it, like planes and helicopters and parrots!  So when we have that hooked up in the cage I can sit under it or in it and dream of flying my biplane.  We are very lucky piggies.

Being up here means Mummy has to clean the run with the vacuum cleaner but she has been taking us out and putting us on a towel on her bed while she does it because she knows we hate the noise.  Here’s me sitting all perfectly on the bed 🙂

Well, that was fine yesterday, but today we saw Mummy’s nice fleecy dressing gown on the end of the bed, and we thought (well, Fred thought) it would be nice to snuggle up in it.  So we went over to it, I followed him, and suddenly he disappeared!  I stood still because I didn’t want to disappear, and then Mummy came in and asked what was going on, and she went down on the floor, and then the earth moved for me and then she got up and had Fred in her arms and he was very very dusty and putting dust all over Mummy’s sparkly top.  Mummy was very worried and checked Fred over and felt, then pulled, his arms and legs and made him stand up, which he was happy to do.  And she felt his body all over, and he was looking at me as if to say ‘what is she fussing about?’  but at the same time I could tell he had been very surprised to have fallen down a hole and landed under the bed because he didn’t really know where he was or how to get back.  It was a good thing Mummy found him.  Anyway, Mummy took him downstairs for his meds, but before she did she moved her dressing gown to the middle of the bed so I could hide in it and dream of nice things like cuddling Mummy (‘cos it smelled nice).

And then Mummy came and put me back with Fred in our clean run and we had nice herby hay which was a present from Hugo (really! he sent it up specially, with his compliments!).

But even though Mummy comes and sees us and cuddles us, it’s quiet up here without her working on the computer all day, and we can’t chat to the others.  I hope they’re ok down there and not missing out on the fun.

Fred says Mummy sits next to Uncle and they watch the television thing in the evenings.  He knows cos he has a little cuddle after his meds and that’s where she takes him.

I wonder how long we’re going to be up here?

3 thoughts on “Christmas Adventures

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww, you and Fred were treated very well for Christmas, but it’s no more than you sweeties deserve.

    I just love that photo of you with the Secret Santa gift. I can just hear you saying, “For me?” What a modest young man you are, G. ❤

    How funny that the hammock has parrots on it! Lol. I wonder if your dreams will include a visit by some Satanic Conures.

    I'm glad that if Fred had to fall through anything, it was Mummy's dressing gown and not a wormhole. Time travel is fun and all, but it wouldn't have been nice to leave Mummy at Christmastime.

    Merry Christmas to you, Fred, Victor, Hugo, Humphrey, and Hector from your Noo Yawk fan club. XXXOOO


    1. georgiepig

      Thank you Auntie Dawn and love to Mariusz, Saku, Peepers and Tweek 🙂

      Mummy says we’ll be going downstairs sometime tomorrow as Uncle James goes home on the noon train 😦


  2. Nixi

    It sounds like you’ve had a lovely Christmas and have recieved some lovely gifts. My boys had some presents too, carrot patch toys and oval pieces of vet bed for under their fiddle sticks. I hope it’s not too quiet upstairs, luckilly you’ve got each other to keep you company.
    I’m glad Fred was OK after his tumble, I bet he had quite a shock! I fell over at work the other day (I was mopping the floor so it was wet and very slippery) and now I’ve a big bruise on my leg.
    Enjoy the rest of the festive season! 🙂


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