A night on the tiles

Fred and George spent last night up in the C&C run. They decided they didn’t want to come down, so I left them there although I did add one more snugglesac to the array of places they had to sleep, just to make sure they didn’t get cold.

They were perfectly happy in the morning, and I managed to scoop them up for their morning cuddle, so as to keep the routine as close to normal as possible. Then tonight they went down by going into their chube and waiting for me to pick it up, pretty much without a fuss. So I reckon they enjoyed it, but like their cage for the night as well.

2 thoughts on “A night on the tiles

  1. Lady Snailspace

    They do indeed! I remember when I was a kid, loving any chance to sleep on the settee instead of going to my proper bed lol


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