Scary flashing lights

There’s a scary thing in the front room.  Mummy showed it to me when we came downstairs this evening, just let me look at it from the chube, standing at the doorway, but it was all lit up and flashing white lights and I couldnt see anything else because the room was dark.  When I got back in the cage I ran and hid in case it was following me.  Mummy didn’t seem to understand how scary it was.

When Fred came down I asked him what he thought it was but he said ‘What?’.  Then he said that Mummy hadn’t shown him any lights they’d gone straight to the sick bay to put the drops on his lips (they’re scabby again).

Should I be afraid, very afraid?  Have aliens landed?

6 thoughts on “Scary flashing lights

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww, don’t be afraid, Cutiepie. It’s just Mummy’s Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is something that many silly humans put up to celebrate the season. I’ll bet Mummy did a great job of decorating it.


  2. George

    Oh, that’s all right then. As long as it’s safe. You didnt seem worried Mummy, but I thought it might be something you couldnt see.

    I’d like to see it in daylight, it’ll probably be nice then.


    1. Lady Snailspace

      It will indeed be a beautiful sight in the daylight sweetheart, and when you see it like that you’ll appreciate the beauty of the lights at night too xx


  3. Nixi

    Don’t worry Georgie, as others have said, it’s a Christmas tree! I’ll bet it’ll look fantastic in the daylight. If you look on RWA on the ‘Decorations Thread’ you’ll be able to see other people and ‘pigs decorations too!


  4. I took George in to see the tree today and he seemed quite impressed. I took Fred in after his morning cuddle too, then switched the lights on so he could see it in daylight with the lights twinkling. They dont look so bright then and I think he approved.


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