Its cold – and Fred’s on meds

I don’t know what happened last week but the house got cold.  We are ok in our cages but mummy stopped taking us up to our new run after a couple of days ‘cos the room was too cold.  She was sitting there at the computer with a scarf over her head and we were sitting in our fleeces.  We were nice and warm, but I don’t think Mummy was.

Aunty Jennifer came to stay at the weekend and Mummy moved the patio table and chairs into the kitchen so they could sit and chat in front of the black humming warm thing I think is called an oven.  Not sure what it does but mummy uses it most days.  Now mummy has her computer on the table in the kitchen and there’s a white thing with a bright light that makes the room warmer.  We’re very comfortable, and mummy looks happier too.  It’s funny having her in our room all day though.  Nice funny, that is.

Fred and Hugo both went to see Dr Louise on Tuesday (yesterday).  Fred has a scabby lip and its been scabby for months even though mummy’s been doing things to it.  He’s now having some wet cream on it he says stings a bit and I told him it’ll make it better.  It’s starting to look better already.

Hugo was having tummy trouble and passing blood, so he has got lots of medications to take, mostly by syringe.  He’s very fussy about them but he says the banana one’s not bad and mummy usually gives him some cucumber after so it can’t be too bad for him.  He’s much better today too.  Magic these medications 🙂

One thought on “Its cold – and Fred’s on meds

  1. Dawn

    I’m catching up on posts, G. The site used to notify me when there was a post, but it’s not anymore. Hmm.

    I heard all about the cold. Mummy’s boiler, which is a very faulty human-made contraption for making heat, broke. They’re famous for breaking, these boilers. Whoever made the prototype boiler wasn’t nearly as good an engineer as you, G; subsequent versions just built upon the shoddiness, I guess.


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