It’s nice and warm again

Yes, we had lots of people in the kitchen on Monday and at one stage they were taking a funny big long narrow pipe past our cages and out through the back doors.  Mummy said they were ‘draining the system’.  Not sure what though, I don’t take much notice of heating engineers although I suppose I should.

Anyway, we’ve had nice days for a week now, a bit windy yesterday, but it wasn’t any hardship having the doors open.  We haven’t been out in the garden again though, and judging from the grass mummy has cut for us the grass is wet and not growing very much now.  That is not surprising since it gets dark early, so it doesn’t get more than ten hours daylight to grow in, and it’s getting less every day.

Once the house warmed up mummy put us upstairs in our run again.  Frankly on Tuesday it was much too warm.  Mummy has been wandering round the house doing things to radiators, I think, and by now (Friday) it is very comfortable everywhere.  I’ve noticed the machine in the kitchen corner cupboard doesn’t come on as much as it used to.  It doesn’t come on when the house is already warm enough and that is very good, very efficient.  I like efficiency!

The only thing is, it’s been too warm for Hugo to bother with his birthday present, his new snugglesac which we all think is terrific.  It suits him so well.  And makes him imagine he’s the Invisible Pig!  Well, you can see why…

2 thoughts on “It’s nice and warm again

  1. Lady Snailspace

    I’m so glad you are all warm again, although I suspect it’s been Mummy who’s felt the cold more, as she makes sure you are all alright 🙂

    Hugo looks splendid in his invisible cloak sac 😉


  2. Dawn

    Aww, Hugo’s just like Mariusz, who fancies himself a ninja. I keep telling him that ninjas don’t go “boop boop boop” as they sneak around, but he doesn’t quite get it.

    He does look adorable in his new sac.

    I don’t like the winter much, G. I hate the cold, and I get depressed with so much darkness. It’s something that we silly humans sometimes get, called SAD — seasonal affective disorder.

    I’m glad that you boys and Mummy are comfortable again.

    I know you like efficiency, sweetie! Bless. You should think about designing an efficient, low-energy heating system. You could revolutionize the heating industry, making lots of money (carrots) and helping to reduce global warming. If there’s anyone who can do it, you can, G.


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