Our upstairs run

I’m sure I told you about the run I’d designed for upstairs so that mummy could have some storage for her things and we could have a nice big run on top of it.

Well, mummy finally got round to making it in August, and we got in and had a look and started using the main area, but I was confused.  I’d designed a loft area with ramps up to it, and I could see the loft (well the underside of it) but I couldn’t see any ramps.  I was quite disappointed really.

Then last week, after we’d had a few days out on the grass again because it was dry and sunny, and warm enough (but not exactly warm), we went upstairs again to our run.  And it was finished!  With lovely matching striped cagewear!  I was a bit nervous at first, but I went upstairs eventually through the lovely ramp tunnel.  Actually there are two ramp tunnels but I’ve only used one of them so far.  The other is a pretty blue inside but it’s a bit steeper, so I thought I’d get used to the one with the brown inside first 🙂

Our run with all the matching cagewear

First of all she put the fleece up there but now Mummy’s put the pop-up tent, some hay and some food up there so I can stay up there and have some nice free time, and Fred has stayed in the main run.  I think he ought to try out the ramp tunnels but he says he’s quite happy with all this space to himself and I suppose he’s right.

Me in the loft - we've changed the furniture since this was taken

Mind you he’s also got a nice new fleecy pocket to match the steeper tunnel.  I’ve tried it out too, it’s very nice.

Me trying out the new fleecy pocket aka snugglesac

3 thoughts on “Our upstairs run

  1. Dawn

    Aww, G, I’m very impressed with your designs and with Mummy’s ability to follow instructions. Don’t be too disappointed that she was tardy in putting up the loft — I’m sure she had important Mummy-type business to attend to.

    You look so adorable in your snugglesac, I could just smother you with smooches. Mwah!


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