Happy teeth

Mummy’s not filing my teeth any more and that makes me very happy because although it doesn’t hurt it’s a bit of an ordeal.  I usually have to lie there with my mouth wide open and her hand on my head pressing the bone above my nose as she files the top teeth.  It doesn’t feel very nice, sort of grating and it makes me want to spit.

I know she has to keep my top teeth in shape so I put up with it, but suddenly she’s stopped doing it 😀

I think it’s because she wrapped me up at the weekend and went snip snip with her new tooth scissors.  It was ever so easy and quick!  I think she thought so too because she was smiling at me very happily when she looked at my teeth afterwards and they felt good too.  It was much easier to pick things up and eat them as well.  So although I didn’t want her to look at my teeth today in case it was filing day, I think she just wanted to check on them and she didn’t need to file them at all.  I wonder how often I’ll need to have them snipped, and whether I’ll have to go to the dentist any more.  I don’t really mind but its an awful long way to go in my box in the car just to get your teeth trimmed.  Mummy’s snippers will be great!

She still has to check them with the flossing stick though as I do tend to get bits stuck between them 😦

2 thoughts on “Happy teeth

  1. Dawn

    Aww! I’m thrilled for you and for Mummy. I know that she didn’t like the whole filing process either; you’re a super-good boy for tolerating it.

    Now your smile will be even more gorgeous than before.

    Auntie Dawn


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