Our room now matches the website

Mummy has been decorating our room.  She said she got the paint ages ago but she’s been waiting for three decent days so she could put us out in the garden while she did it.  And those days had to be when she was free, of course.  And now she’s nearly finished!  It’s a nice colour – a little paler but nearly the colour of this website 🙂

We went out into the garden to mow the lawn on Wednesday and when we came back our cages had moved.  Fred and I were between the oven and the sink, where she washes our grease glands, and Hugo and Victor were the other side of the oven by the door.  Mummy could just get past us to make drinks and cut cucumber and cook things with her back to us.  And, very scary, she could get round to the back of our cage and look in our picture window in the grassy hutch!

Thursday morning all we could see that was different were some lines around the joins of the walls and the ceiling and the floor thing…  the bit of wood that goes up the wall from the floor.  And two very small triangles of paint right up high in the far corners where the sloping ceiling meets the wall coming down.  It’s hard to describe, but our ceiling goes at an angle to the house from the garden door to the main kitchen and there is a nice window in it called a skylight so we can watch the moon and stars at night.   Anyway, we went out again on Thursday and when we came back we could tell she’d done a lot more, and on Friday when we had our cuddle we could see she’d done the walls.  Then this morning she did round the door to the garden and she says she’s only got a few little bits more to do but she’s going to have lunch now.

I wonder if she’ll put our cages back this afternoon when we’re out, or whether we’ll have to wait till those ‘little bits’ are done?

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