Another trip to the dentist

Yes I had to go to the dentist again today 😦

Mummy tried to look at my teeth last week but she didnt get the wire things in place properly and she scared me a bit when they pinched me.  I think she scared herself too, to be honest.  She thought I had some sharp bits on my molars though (she was right!)

And she was also worried that my top incisors were growing too fast to keep down by filing as well (right there too!)

So we had a long drive over to the CCT and Dr Vedra trimmed my teeth and showed mummy the right way to put the wire things in, and mummy tried it and got it right, and then we all came home.  In the pouring rain which made it very very noisy.  I was very tired when we got home from all that noise.

I think mummy’s buying the snipper things so she doesnt have to take me all that way.  I’m not sure which is worse…the long drive in the noise and all on my own, or the idea of mummy snipping my teeth.  After all, she’s not that good with my toenails…..

7 thoughts on “Another trip to the dentist

  1. Dawn

    Aww, I heard that you were quite a good boy at the CCT today. I’m glad that you got your teeth sorted out, Sir Shortbread.

    Rain can be a little scary but it can’t hurt you if you’re safe in the car with Mummy.

    Not that good with your toenails? Tsk tsk, G. I think Mummy does a fantastic job with your nails.


    1. George

      Put it this way Auntie Dawn. She has to trim 56 toenails on a regular basis. And she regularly gets 98.2% of them right.


  2. eppingstrider

    The ‘snipper things’ arrived today. I hope I have the confidence to use them as they are proper medical equipment and therefore quite expensive. Worth the petrol cost of 4 trips to CCT.


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