The run takes shape!

I put a link up to the run that mummy has made so far, as a comment on the last post. It looked great to me, and then today she’s put the flooring down.  I wondered what the big cream thing on the floor in the kitchen was yesterday, it was the flooring all laid out ready to be measured and cut into shape.

When we came in from the garden today Mummy took me upstairs to see how it was looking.  Um, big and scarey was my initial reaction! Look at this video:

Then I had a little run around and decided, yes, it was coming along very nicely but it needs furniture and carpet and stuff.  Mummy says empty houses always look huge and yes, they need furnishing to make them ‘home’.  So I hope she’s going to get some nice soft furnishings. This is another short video of me checking out the west wing:

I asked her why there is a join in the flooring and she says it’s to allow the run to be split into two if she needs to have all four of us up here.  Oh.

PS We cant put the video in this post because it’ll cost us too many carrots a year but you can look at them on our photobucket account 🙂

4 thoughts on “The run takes shape!

  1. Dawn

    I’m sure Mummy will pimp out the run — that’s American slang for making it attractive and comfy lol.

    You’re a born film star, G. Besides being an adorable li’l shortbread cookie, you portay emotions very convincingly. You almost convinced me that you were scared and confused. But why would you be, really, when you know that Mummy would never put you in a dangerous situation.

    In any case, your videos made me laugh, and for that, I thank you.



  2. Lady Snailspace

    Clearly George, now that you’ve surveyed the whole area, work can go ahead? I imagine now that it has your approval things will really speed up 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the finished run!!


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