Happy Adoption Day Mummy

It’s our adoption day today… or maybe tomorrow, but we’re celebrating it today cos its easiest.  We missed our birthday because we were travelling so we thought it would be best to celebrate it today when Mummy’s not doing anything in particular otherwise.

We had a lovely cuddle this morning before breakfast although I had to have my teeth trimmed again.  They get filed every five-seven days but it seems to be ok, and I’m used to it and it feels much better afterwards.  Then we had a huge pile of veg from the garden this morning including some nice herbs and some apple leaf 🙂  Then mummy had her breakfast and went out.

When she came back she took some pictures of us with our chubes.

Our old chubes

Then she took them away 😦

Then she put two new chubes in 🙂  One was a pink and orange swirl and the other was all brown and bristly.

We went over and had a look and discovered we could eat it.  It’s great.  It’s a bit like the one Hugo and Victor had for a birthday a long time ago but it’s smaller so we can run through it.  Which we did…. just like we usually do.

Our new chubes

And then Mummy gave us all a carrot with leaves on which was yummy, and Hugo and Victor got the end of the cucumber for being good.  Which is ok with us because we’re not as fond of cucumber as they are.

Thank you Mummy – Happy Adoption Day!

2 thoughts on “Happy Adoption Day Mummy

  1. Dawn

    Bless your wee bums, boys. You look adorable, and those are some very posh chubes. Mummy always gives the perfect gifts.

    Happy Adoption Day, F&G! Wishing you many more years of health, happiness, and carrot.

    Love ya,
    Auntie Dawn


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