Left out in the rain!!!!

Mummy left us out in the rain today!  I couldn’t believe it.

She came down soon after it had started raining just as it was stopping, and she looked at the clouds and said we’d probably be ok.  Well, we were, it dried up and we were enjoying our grass again.

But then these big clouds rolled over and it started raining, and I thought, well, she’ll be down any minute to take us in, but no… so I got in the tent to keep dry (it was under the towel which she’d put on the cage to shade us as well).  Fred was still in the tunnel, but he decided that was getting a bit wet where you touched the sides so he came and sat under the towel in front of me.  We could hear Victor was in their tent and Hugo couldnt decide whether to go in, go in a tunnel, sit under the fleece on top of their cage or what.

Then mummy came down and looked at us from under her patio roof.  She looked really worried, what with the rain coming down strongly… she knew our tents were ok, but she could also see Fred and Hugo moving about.  She was waiting for it to stop for a bit, I think – she kept looking at the sky.  Then it absolutely poured down and Fred got a bit worried as the towel started to leak and the chubes were getting wet so he didnt know what to do for the best.

Any way it sort of eased up a bit and mummy dashed out to get us.  She brought our fleecy pouch for Fred to jump into and picked me up inside the tent (she picked the whole tent up with me inside it).  But Fred was expecting to go in a chube and mummy couldnt pick him up one handed, so he went and sheltered under a courgette leaf (very big – good choice), and mummy was saying ‘No Fred, come in here’ which I think was the fleece.  He eventually did, and mummy whisked us off into the house and put us in our cage where the grassy hutches were nice and dry and warm.  Fred was only a little damp really.

Victor and Hugo both came in in their tent, although I think Hugo had been sitting in their large tunnel looking out at the rain before it got really heavy.  Then it eased off slightly and mummy went back out to bring our things in.  Our chubes were quite damp and they might go soggy.  The cage tops were wet but mummy wiped them down, and she did the doors too which had been open all the time we were out there and were all wet on the inside glass as well as out.  And she felt Fred’s ears and said he was quite warm enough, and he wasn’t as wet as she was so he must be ok.  She felt my ears as well.  She seems to do that when she’s worried whether we’re warm enough.

And then there was a large rumble of thunder.. I dont know why the sky rumblestruts and he doesnt use a language I understand so I dont know what he was upset about.  Anyway we had an extra big pile of hay to help us ignore him and then a sleep and that was the end of the adventure.

4 thoughts on “Left out in the rain!!!!

  1. Dawn

    It all sounds like a bit of a disaster, and Fred was naughty, wouldn’t you say? But I’m glad you boys are safe and warm now. Mummy is pretty fantastic, with all that piggie rescue work under heavy rain. I hope you thanked her, G. (I’m sure you did because you’re such a polite and grateful young man.)


  2. George

    I don’t think he was being naughty, Auntie Dawn, just a bit confused. I mean mummy only usually has the fleece out when it’s cold, we usually go in by chube. He didn’t really understand what mummy was trying to do, and he didnt want to get wet.


  3. Lady Snailspace

    You handled it very well George 🙂 and so did the others! Poor Mummy, not being able to reach you as quickly as she wanted 😦

    Still she rescued you all and it was an adventure wasn’t it!!


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