Hello everyone!

I decided I wanted a little change in the site and told Mummy I was looking for something gingery with a proper page hierarchy.  That was so we could have a nice drop-down menu for the chapters of mummy’s stories, instead of having a huge menu bar at the side.

I hope you like it.

Everyone here is fine, I’m still having my teeth filed once a week, and mummy cleans Fred’s, Victor’s and mine every day as we usually need flossing.  I don’t know how Hugo does it, he always has perfect teeth, gleaming white and even.  But then I suppose it goes with his tuxedo….

love George


PS I’ve written a new Tale From the Hutch which is called “A Summer of Sport”

3 thoughts on “Makeover!

  1. Dawn

    I’m loving the new color scheme, G, and the pull-down menus make things much easier.

    Hugo is a charismatic dude, for sure. But so are you, Sir Cutiebottom. He’s just more a of tux and tails kind of guy; you seem happier with a casual look.

    I’m glad you, your bro, and V&H are fit and enjoying the summer.

    Love ya!


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