Beetroot breakfast

We had some beetroot in our breakfast this morning.  It was lovely and fresh, straight from the garden (although mummy had washed it first).  We had it second, after we’d eaten all the lovely thyme mummy gave us 🙂

well I like it

The only trouble was, mummy had filed my front teeth this morning and when she came down and saw my mouth like this:

Beetroot face

she said she nearly had a heart attack thinking she’d done some dreadful damage to me! Poor mummy.

One thought on “Beetroot breakfast

  1. Dawn

    Oh my god, G! I could just imagine the fear and panic that Mummy felt in the pit of her stomach. You shouldn’t scare her like that, young man.

    That said, how much would I love to plant a smooch on those cute beet-stained lips of yours. Mwah!


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