Forbidden Chard!

Fred was naughty yesterday – he leaned over the side of our run and nibbled the swiss chard leaves. Mummy told him off.

Then today he did it again, and had to lean a long way over to pull them towards us. He told me I should have a go, so I did. I must admit they’re every bit as nice on the plant as when mummy picks them and brings them in to us in the morning. But mummy saw us and told us off in a severe voice. I went back to the grass in the corner, but Fred had another go, so mummy put the sides of the run so he couldnt reach. He tried hard to climb over them, but gave up eventually.

3 thoughts on “Forbidden Chard!

  1. Dawn

    Aww! Fred is so cute when he’s being naughty. Don’t tell Mummy I said that.

    He’s got an adorable bottom just like yours, G.


  2. Nixi

    Oh bless, what a cheeky pair you are!! Fred looks adorable leaning on the side like that, it’s the same way Py leans when he’s after a cuddle! 🙂


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