Uninvited guests!

Hello everyone.  Sorry I havent been posting much lately but I’ve been sleeping in the sun, and eating, and sleeping in my hutch and so on.

But the other day mummy noticed me scratching my ear, and also scratching my tummy a bit more than usual.  So yesterday (or the day before, I forget which) she sat me on her lap facing outwards, and gave me a funky hair do with gel that she put behind my ear and on the back of my head.  It made me look really stylish, like a mane or something.  She did Fred & Hugo the same way.  I dont know if she did Victor cos his hair sticks up all over the place anyway.

Then the day after Mummy saw a black thing walking up my back and she grabbed it and said, “I was right, George, you have picked up mites!”  And I was a bit worried about that, but she said the hair gel would kill them off and keep me safe till after we get back from our Scottish holiday.

So that’s all right then 🙂

One thought on “Uninvited guests!

  1. Dawn

    I’ll bet you looked adorable with your funky ‘do, G. Fred’s and Hugo’s crests must have looked cute with the goo.


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