More dental work needed?

Hi there.  My teeth are feeling fine now and my front one is nearly the same height as my other one.  Mummy’s worried about them because she says they don’t look or smell right.  I must admit there’s a funny taste in my mouth and the back of the tooth feels a bit funny too.

Mummy took this picture today:

You can see there’s a funny black thing behind the tooth. What it doesn’t show is the front of the new tooth goes way down the gum, even past where the other tooth goes into the gum properly. Mummy tried to take the funny black thing out with some silver grabbing things after Lady Squeakster suggested it might be a seed that had got stuck. I’m afraid I didnt like her touching my mouth though and I pushed her away or moved my mouth out of the way.

I think she’s emailed Dr Zoe to ask her what to do.

2 thoughts on “More dental work needed?

  1. Dawn

    Oh, G. I’m so sorry that you’re still dealing with these tooth issues. You should let mummy have a go at that funny looking thing. Barring that, I hope Dr Zoe can help.

    I’ll be thinking about you, Sir Cutiebottom.


  2. George

    Well, I forgot to tell you. Mummy took me to see Auntie Vikki and they took the black thing out. It was a grass seed. Then Fred and I were in the garden a couple of days later squabbling about who was sitting where in the fleecy pouch and Fred kicked me in the face (he didnt mean to, his foot just got in my face). But anyway it was REALLY painful and I yelled, I can tell you. And when I calmed down I realised my wobbly tooth wasnt there any more. It was sore for a couple of days but its all right now. I go to see Dr Zoe every few weeks to have my top teeth filed down as they get pointed otherwise. Fred went yesterday too.


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