Thank you Zoe and Tom

I went to see a Ro-dent-olo-gist yesterday.

Her name was Zoe and her friend was Tom.  We drove for miles in the rain and darkness and we got to a bumpy track and drove for miles on that too.  I think I might have been a bit scared but Fred was with me so we were ok together.  Mummy had told me we were going to see a nice lady called Zoe who could look at my teeth and see if she could fix them.

When we got there we were in a nice small room where there were other guineapigs in nice homely cages not hospital cages, so I thought that was nice.  Zoe wrapped me up in a white cloth so I couldnt struggle but I managed to get a foot out and although she tried to tuck it back in I kept it out ‘cos I wanted to feel safer.  Mummy held it so I did.  I like it when mummy holds my foot.  Zoe laid me on my back and looked at my teeth and wobbled the long one in front, and looked at the back ones too.  She had a huge big glass and bright light so she looked absolutely huge although she wasnt really when she took me out from under the glass.  She was very nice 🙂

She and Tom and mummy talked about my teeth and my abscesses and my xrays and my teeth again, and also what I was eating, and then she was talking about filing my tooth down.  She was worried about the wobble though.  Tom said he thought it was ok so he held me all wrapped up on his lap and got a thing that rubbed my tooth.  I tried to bite it for him every now and then but he laughed at me and got me to let go and he rubbed my tooth again.  And after a while he was finished.  And Zoe and mummy talked a bit more and talked about care food and things, and then I went back in the box and came home.  It seemed much faster coming back than it did going there.

Then when I got back mummy gave me some veggies and I could bite them!  It was great! And she gave me a lot of veggies in a bowl to myself because she knew I was hungry for them.  And only when I’d had enough did she put me back in the cage with Fred and gave Fred some special veg, and then gave Victor and Hugo some special veg so they didnt feel left out.

Thank you ever so much Tom and Zoe and I hope I see you again sometime. :X

(with thanks to Cambridge Cavy Trust and the British Association of Rodentologists)

2 thoughts on “Thank you Zoe and Tom

  1. Dawn

    The image of mummy holding your foot is both sweet and hilarious.

    I’m impressed with how well-behaved and cooperative you were for Zoe and Tom. I can only think of how naughty my Mariusz would be in that situation. You are a true gentlepig, G.

    (Not that I don’t love Mariusz to bits, but I have to admit he is a stubborn sort.)

    I’m so glad that you’re feeling good and back to your veg. I knew you’d be ok, but it’s nice to have confirmation that I was right.

    Auntie Dawn


  2. Lady Snailspace

    It’s so good to know they can help you George and that you find them so nice to visit 🙂 Nice for Mummy too, to have real help!


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