Hugo isn’t well

It seems like as soon as I get over my problems, someone else starts. 😦

Hugo has been complaining for some time, but he’s such a drama queen we all ignored him.  The last couple of days Mummy’s been looking after him at the hospital wing though and he’s been having my pro-biotic (I don’t mind, it helped to finish it up quicker :))  Today after he’d finished there and Mummy had put him down for his play time in the kitchen, he did the longest and most piteous squeak you ever heard.  I think we all stopped and looked at him, wondering what was wrong.  Mummy went and looked at  him and came back very worried.  She said he’d passed some blood along with his poop.  Judging from the amount of wiping up she did after we were all back in our cages he did quite a lot of that.

Anyway, she took him to see Dr Louise at lunchtime, and he said she was very nice but he wished women would stop massaging his bottom.  Well, I know she’s very nice but she only massages my chin.  Hugo said she did that as well, and listened to his insides.  Mummy said he’s got some of the squidgy medicine to take as well as antibiotics, to see if the squidge will help his system and the antibiotics get rid of a possible infection in his bottom!   But she thought the blood was because he’d been straining and he didn’t seem to have a blockage.  So that was all right. 

Hugo doesn’t think it’s all right though.  He’s still very sore.  And he lets us know all about it.  I think Victor is worried about him though as he’s standing next to him giving him moral support.  He’s a good lad, is Victor.

2 thoughts on “Hugo isn’t well

  1. Dawn

    But Hugo has such a cute bottom!!

    Thanks for the update, G. I’m sure Hugo will be fine, under mummy’s superb care. He is a bit of a drama queen, eh?

    I’ll let Mariusz know that the prognosis for his twin is excellent. He was so worried that he needed extra carrot — at least, that was the story he gave us.


    1. George

      Well, Hugo went to see Dr Louise last week and he stayed the night with her! We were all surprised when he didnt come home and Victor got a little worried. But we told him it’d all be alright and chatted to him across the room and he settled down ok.
      Hugo came back the next day with a very smart scar on his elbow. Mummy said he’d had a lump removed.
      Then the next day she gave us all a dose of white stuff (medicine). I dont know what it was but we’ve been pooing well ever since and I’m feeling a little better too. Mummy says I’ve put on some weight, which was good. Hugo lost some weight so I was no longer the lightest on Saturday, but he’s overtaken me again now. My new front tooth is feeling a bit wobbly and I think Mummy’s a bit nervous about it. It’s nearly as tall as my other front one though 🙂


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