I won a rosette!

This happened in a competition run by the Guinea Pigs Rodents With Attitude forum.  The link to it is on the front page – GPRWA.  It’s a great place to hang out.

Anyway, they have a competition each month for Pig of the Month (POTM).  In November mummy entered a photo of me at work on the forum (I am the Forum Mechanic).  It showed my back and bottom, so it was quite funny.  I was looking up at what I’d just posted and you can see my username and avatar on the screen in front of me.

This is the photo:

George Forum Mechanic

And lots of people voted for it!  Mummy doesnt let me look at the POTM voting till its all finished so I was very surprised and very grateful.

Anyway, a few days ago, there was a letter addressed to me, from Auntie PigPog.  And inside there was a lovely rosette for me, for winning POTM.

George POTM rosette pose

Here it is… Isnt it pretty?  I’m just about to have my meds for my abscess, so there are lots of medical things in the background.  I think Mummy was trying to take my mind off them.

One thought on “I won a rosette!

  1. Dawn

    Congrats, G!

    You have the cutest little piggie bottom. I love how the green of the rosette sets off the warm caramel color of your fur. You gorgeous little piggie, you. XXOO


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