Back in hospital

Mummy’s taken me back to see Vet Louise as I have a big abscess under my chin again.  It wasn’t hurting really, but it was getting difficult to find a comfortable place to rest my head when I was in my cosy fleece.  I think Mummy noticed.

I enjoyed it when all the girls gathered round me and felt under my chin, I like that.  Mummy laughed because I was purring so much.  She gave me a nice hug and a piece of fennel before she left me with the other ladies.  There were some noisy birds called lovebirds in the room next door.  They remind me of what Saku and Mariusz call the SCs.

I’m feeling rather sleepy now, so night night. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Back in hospital

  1. eppingstrider

    George came back from hospital the next day and has been having painkillers, antibiotics and probiotics, plus his abscess hole flushed and stuffed with honey cream daily. He’s very patient with me, although he doesnt like having his antibiotics one bit. He whimpers a bit when I have to poke his abscess-hole to clean it, but he’s extremely good and kind. I usually give him a treat like a special bit of herb afterwards.


  2. Dawn

    Aww, I know you don’t like taking your meds, G, but hang in there. You’ll be better in no time. Be kind to your mummy and don’t put up too much of a fuss, ok? She loves you and just wants you to get better. And so do I. XXOO

    Yeah, birds can be a nuisance sometimes, eh? Those Satanic Conures are lucky that I love them.


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