We had fun today

Well, we did, but mummy was a bit cross with us 😦

First of all Fred got under the netting protecting the beans and cabbages from the naughty butterflies and their caterpillars.  She let him off the first time because she thought he had only been eating the lettuce (and we have rather a lot of lettuce at the moment).  Then he got in again and she noticed some of the cabbage leaves had been eaten…then he got in AGAIN and was chewing through the broad bean stalks and they were falling down.  She was a bit cross with him about that because normally we don’t eat broad bean leaves, and she hadnt thought he’d eat them.  I think he was naughty to do that too.  Mummy gave us the broad bean plants he’d destroyed for our supper instead of something nice.  The stems are quite nice, but I dont really want a whole plant.

Then he pushed one of our tunnels away from the fence dividing our run from Victor and Hugo’s.  And Hugo pushed the fence over and came into our run.  We didnt fight at all and most of the time we just chatted and ate grass and hung out, but he kept going in our tent and I got cross with him for that, and then Fred and I both decided to push him out, which he didnt like.  So Fred went back into his run with him.  And then got into their tent with Victor (who’s a very nice young chap, I must say.)  And I went back to our tent and found Hugo was pretending to be asleep in it!  Well!!!!!

Hugo in my tent
George and Hugo

Mummy couldnt get Hugo to come out so she lifted him up in the tent and put him back in his house, and when she went back later he wasnt there!  He had jumped into our house and was asleep in our grassy hutch!  Cheek!  It all got sorted out eventually and Mummy took some nice videos of us as well as some nice photos.

One thought on “We had fun today

  1. Dawn

    That is just what Mariusz would do. He is just as cheeky as Hugo. I’m convinced that they’re the same pig.

    I wish he and Saku got along as well as you four boys do.

    I browsed through the pics and videos. You’ve got quite a luxurious indoor set-up there, George, and your Mummy’s garden is lovely, too. I hope you boys appreciate all that she does for you.


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