Piggin in the rain!

We were enjoying ourselves out in the garden today – the sun was shining brightly and we were having good grass and running in and out of our tunnels and under our tent.  (Hugo and Victor sit in their tent and snooze, but we like underneath where we can nibble grass if we fancy it too.)  Mummy put a towel half over the run at lunch time to make sure we didn’t get sunburnt.

She had her lunch outside too, and then went in (probably to work).  A while later it clouded over, and she came down to look at us and asked if we wanted to go in.  We didnt so she left us to it – and the sun came out again.  Then we had a couple of rain spots and she came down again, but it wasnt enough to worry about and it stopped before she could even ask us if we wanted to go back.

Then it started to rain really really hard.  Mummy came rushing out to us.  Victor and Hugo were in their tent, nice and dry, and we were hiding under ours.  But she wanted us to come in, so we had to come out into the rain for her to pick us up, which we didnt really want to do so we had a bit of a run around trying to keep dry!  Mummy got really wet and we did let her pick us up and bring us in, but it would have been much better if she’d waited for it to stop raining – we were fine under our tent!

The only one who really got wet was mummy!  Silly mummy!

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