Happy Birthday Fred

It’s Fred and my birthday today so I wanted to publicly wish him Happy Birthday.  The nice people on the GPRWA forum have been wishing me a happy birthday but only Mummy remembered its Fred’s birthday too, so far, anyway!

Birthday cage

Mummy made our cage all nice with a birthday banner round the outside.

And then she brought us a cucumber split, decorated with thyme, lavender, oregano and two candles (we didnt have them lit and she took them away when she left us on our own). It was garnished with carrot stars, salsify leaf and tomato, and some more thyme.  It was yummy!

2nd Birthday

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Fred

  1. Dawn

    Happy birthday, Fred and George! Wishing you many years of health and happiness.

    I hope you thanked mummy for that delicious birthday treat.

    Your friends in New York,
    Mariusz, Saku, and human


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